The must-attend event of 2017 focused on the clean up and repositioning of industrial, manufacturing and logistics-oriented sites.

Connect with developers, site owners, investors and remediation professionals to promote the increased development of brownfield properties through real world remediation technology and methods.


The benefits to attend the RE3 Conference go beyond the event itself: Networking, new opportunities, new solutions, best practices and continuing education credits are just some of the ways in which your investment will continue to pay dividends long after the Conference.

Technical Professionals & Engineers

  • Explore real world solutions for remediation of heavy metals and organics.
  • Satisfy CEU and PDH requirements with practical knowledge.
  • Connect and network with site owners, developers and municipal leaders.

Municipalities & Site Owners

  • Highlight your property or redevelopment opportunities.
  • Connect with the leading remediation experts.
  • Explore real world methodologies for your most challenging sites.

Developers & Investors


  • Explore unique redevelopment opportunities.
  • Discover methods to turn challenging projects into profitable ones.
  • Connect with leading providers and economic development professionals.
  • Industrial & Office Park
    Over the past several decades the world got "smaller". Manufacturing became increasingly competitive and the prospects for factories here in the United States started to dim. Now, the winds are changing, and several industrial sectors are increasingly active. Find out how natural resources, labor, and desruptive technologies impact the market. Customer demand and changing tenant needs shape the redevelopment projects and the opportunities ahead.
  • Brownfield Redevelopment
    Liability and uncertainty are primary concerns for the redevelopment of brownfield sites. Potential developers and investors must address higher risks and regulations (CERCLA / RCRA) and more complex financing; in addition to all the other market factors. Working with knowledgeable and reliable partners, building relationships with local, state and federal agencies, and building community support will greatly improve the odds of success. The RE3 Conference will include several sessions on remediation, risk and liability management.
  • Financing
    We all know that value needs to be created and the product needs to be in demand, but navigating this complex process is not always easy. Different levels of risk require different rates of return. The capital structure, the debt market and available incentives are some of the dimensions that may impact the viability of a project. When working with developers, this financing primer will help guide your questions on grants, TIFs, credits and incentives and more.
  • Economic & Community
    Redevelopment projects are complex public-private initiatives. Often times, these projects are time-consuming, capital intensive and externality-generating—requiring local governments and private sector stakeholders to work together. Vested stakeholders can improve communications, build trust and have a better understanding of the needs and constraints their partners face. This creates the opportunity to build stronger communities while making the redevelopment project more profitable. A sustainable redevelopment initiative is not a zero-sum game.
  • Redevelopment & Repurposing
    of Retail Centers
    Private and public stakeholders are faced with significant challenges in determining potential for a higher and better use. Deteriorating economic conditions often times make attracting tenants a daunting undertaking. A mixed use approach is appealing for the impact on surrounding neighborhoods and assurance of accessible transit connections-all the while generating tax revenue and creating or retaining local jobs. However, too many such places sit idle for many, many years, creating a vicious cycle. Maybe it’s time to think outside of the big box.
  • Urban Renewal
    Cities are not static, but constantly evolving ecosystems. Economic and demographic profile changes, evolving social and personal preferences all have a direct impact on how cities evolve. Sustainable and equitable solutions can be achieved by aligning private and public interests. Land use, zoning and thus, remediation options and redevelopment opportunities are intrinsically connected. At the Conference participants will learn proven strategies from vested stakeholders and practical “how-to’s” from leading industry vendors. In addition, the Renewal & Redevelopment Marketplace, a comprehensive resource for the industry, will be unveiled.


The RE3 Conference has become an essential gathering of professionals looking to redevelop brownfield properties through real world remediation technology and methods. Here's your opportunity to promote your organization at the Conference in Philadelphia. Space is VERY limited, make your reservation today! Our sponsors are our partners and, for the long term success of our partnership, we want to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

  • Make hundreds of direct connections
  • Position and market your organization's expertise
  • Promote your expertise to 40,000 industry professionals
  • Reach new prospects and potential partners

We would like to recognize and thank our 2017 Conference Sponsors for their generous support.




2017 RE3 Conference

November 1-3, 2017
Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
1201 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

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