Presentation Presenter Company
Surfactant Enhanced Extraction to Expedite Remediation of a Carbon Tetrachloride Source Zone at an Active Grain Elevator Facility George (Bud) Ivey
President and Senior Remediation Specialist
Ivey International, Inc.
Technology to Address Mercury Contamination in Sediments: A Case Study and New Materials Approach John Collins
AquaBlok, Ltd.
Assessment of Biotic and Abiotic Natural Attenuation Pathways for Chlorinated Solvents in Marine Sediments Phil Dennis
Senior Manager
Accuracy, Productivity, Efficiency: GIS use in Site Redevelopment Eric Magdar
Senior Geologist
ARM Group Inc.
Strengthening the Conceptual Site Model (CSM) through the Application of 3D Modeling for Environmental Sites Brian Congiu
Senior Project Geologist
Golder Associates, Inc
The role of Site Conceptual Models in VI Studies Marie Lewis
Senior Environmental Scientist
Golder Associates, Inc
Low-Impact Pilot Study Leads to Expanded Treatability Evaluation Confirming Biostimulation Safe, Sustainable and Cost-Effective cVOC Remediation Strategy Kent Armstrong TerraStryke Products LLC
Remediation using High Degree Angled Electrodes at an Active Manufacturing Facility Lauren Soos
Project Manager
TRS Group, Inc.
Treatability Study Evaluation of Consolidation for Fine, Highly Organic Sediments Lingke Zeng Langan
New Technology Applied at Indiana Industrial DNAPL Site Gary Simpson
Senior Engineer
AST Environmental, Inc.
Green and Sustainable Remediation: Case Study of a Native Grassland Landfill Cap Thomas Newcomb
Senior Associate
Ramboll Environ
Methanotrophic Cometabolic Enhanced Natural Attenuation at a Confidential Southeastern Pennsylvania TCE Superfund Site Tom Cornuet
Technical Manager
In-Situ Gasworks Remediation - Challenges and Innovations William Caldicott
Director of Remediation Technologies
Baseline Channel Characterization of the Lower Bushkill Creek in Easton, PA, Prior to the Removal of Three Low-head Dams Emilie Henry
Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences at Lafayette College