Sessions at the 2015 RE3 Conference

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Name Company Presentation
Mark Kluger
TRS Group, Inc.
1,4-Dioxane Remediation Using Electrical Resistance Heating
Anthony Perno III, Esq.
Jeff Nash
Michael McCann
Cooper's Ferry Partnership
Camden County
MVM Associates, Inc.
A Peek into City Development Successes and Future Plans: Featuring Camden, NJ
Duane Bumb
City of Philadelphia
A Peek into City Development Successes and Future Plans: Featuring Camden, NJ (2nd presentation)
Stan Golaski
Rogers & Callcott Environmental
Accelerating Trichloroethylene Remediation in Saprolite and Fractured Crystalline Bedrock by In-Situ Chemical Oxidation and In-Situ Chemical Reduction - A Successful Case Study of Combined Remedies at a Challenging Site
Brent O'Dell
Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure, Inc.
Application of Aerobic Cometabolism for Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compounds (CVOCs)
Michael Marley
Application of Alkaline Activated Persulfate to Treat Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contamination Beneath the Active Construction of a 32-Story High-rise Residential Tower
Deb Goldblum
John Simon
US EPA Region 3
Gnarus Advisors
ASTM's Standard Guide for Greener Cleanups
Dan Bryant
Geo-Cleanse International, Inc
Destruction of Emerging Contaminants Utilizing Site-Specific In-Situ Chemical Remediation Approaches
Mike Apfelbaum
Woodard & Curran
Detailed Stratigraphic Logging Enhances Thermal Remedy at New England Superfund Site
Carol Houck
Catherine Ward
Gerry Scharfenberger
City of Newark, DE
Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young LLP
State of New Jersey
Distressed Assets: Municipal Case Studies Featuring Newark, DE, Middletown Township and Atlantic City, NJ
Brad Elkins
EOS Remediation
Electrochemical and Physical Mechanisms Affecting Subsurface Distribution of Electron Donor for Enhanced Anaerobic Bioremediation
Andrew Levine
Joseph Sullivan
Philip Rinaldi
Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP
Concord Engineers
Philadelphia Energy Solutions
Energy Facility Challenges in Redevelopment
Andrew Madison
Golder Associates Inc.
Enhanced In-Situ Bioremediation of Cadmium and Lead Impacted Groundwater
Stephen Kirschner
Advanced GeoServices Corp.
Evolution of a Remedial Injection Program in Saprolite
Robert Mutch
Mutch Associates, LLC
Full-Scale In-Situ CO2 Sparging to Neutralize a Caustic Brine Plume and Reduce Mercury Levels: Year 1 Results
Dennis Grubb
Dusty Rose Berggren
Phoenix Services, LLC
Head-to-Head Semi-Dynamic Leach Testing of Organics from Stabilization/Solidification (S/S) Treated Samples
Geoffrey Schwartz
GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
In-Situ Stabilization/Solidification (ISS) at Two Former MGP Sites in Massachusetts
Charles Wilk
ALLU Group, Inc.
In-Situ Treatment of Contaminated Fill in a Former Cove Saves Millions in Remediation Costs and Prepares Site for New Building at Naval Base
ISCO of TCE Impacted Groundwater in Basalt Bedrock Through an Enhanced Fracture Network
Clifford Zink

Lunch and Keynote Speaker: The Roebling Legacy
Gary Loveland
Terra Contracting Services
MGP Site Remediation Issues From a Contractor's Viewpoint
Derek Pizarro
Luis Pizarro
Premier Magnesia, LLC
Office of Remediation, LCD, US EPA Region 3
Mining Remediation Technology Advancements Using Magnesia
Bill Smith
Multifaceted Oil Seepage Remedy in Urban Stormwater Conveyance Channel
Fayaz Lakhwala
PeroxyChem LLC
New Developments in the Chemical Fixation of Priority Heavy Metals using MetaFix Reagents
Mike Mazzarese
AST Environmental/RPI Group
Overburden and Bedrock Remediation Using BOS 200 at a Former Retail Petroleum Site
Performance Based In-Situ Soil Mixing to Treat Tetrachloroethylene Source in Sandy Soil
Philadelphia's Lower Schuylkill - Transforming the City's Largest Industrial District into a Vibrant New Economic Hub
James Mueller
Provectus Environmental Products, Inc.
Potential Consequences of Excessive Methane Production Following ERD and Conventional ISCR Treatment: Case Studies and Remedial
Charlie Bartsch
Justin Kenyon
Philip Bousquet
Sue Boyle
New Jersey Economic Development Authority
Bousquet Holstein
GEI Consultants
Public Funding Available to Jump Start the Remediation and Redevelopment of Impacted Properties
Public Funding Available to Jump Start the Remediation and Redevelopment of Impacted Properties (2nd presentation)
Gordon Araujo
Rapid Risk-Reduction and Accelerated Bioremediation Facilitated By an Injectable Colloidal Biomatrix
RE3 Conference Industry Appreciation Award Recipient and Lunch Keynote Speaker
Mark Levy
Randall Jostes
Russell Becker
Jones Lang LaSalle
Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc.
EnviroAnalytics Group, Inc.
Redeveloping America's Industrial Sites - The Former Bethlehem Steel in Baltimore, MD
Chris French
Redevelopment of the Former Allied Chrome Plant in Baltimore's Inner Harbor
Sidney Aluani
SGW Services
Remediation for Mercury Stabilization by In-Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR) in Groundwater (Brazil Site)
Keli McKenna
Results of the ISS Demonstration Project at the Quanta Resources Superfund Site
Pamela Dugan
Sustained-Release Plus (SR+) Technology: Reactive Synergies Resulting from Permanganate in Combination with Persulfate for Passive Contaminant Treatment
John Bierschenk
TerraTherm, Inc.
Teterboro Landing Brownfields Redevelopment - World's Largest In-Situ Thermal Desorption Site
Chip D'Angelo
Christopher Ball
Marcel Ricciardelli
Matthew Winters
WCD Group, LLC
Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox, LLP
Allied World Assurance Co.
Frenkel & Company
The Future of Environmental Due Diligence & Risk Management
Brink Young
Mary Hashem
Michael Sylvester
Synergy Environmental Inc.
RE | Solutions, LLC
The Use of Private Funding to Remediate & Redevelop Impacted Properties
Rajesh (Raj) Singh
Treatability Testing Evaluation and Implementation of In-Situ Stabilization/Solidification at a Former MGP Site
Michael Scalzi
Innovative Environmental Technologies, Inc
Use of Anaerobic Reductive Dechlorination and Cement/Ferrous Iron System for the Remediation of Chlorinated VOCs
Steve Markesic
Redox Tech, LLC
Using Electrokinetic Migration of Permanganate for Treatment of Low Permeability Soils: Lessons Learned
Alan Miller
Jeff Garibaldi
Raphael Zucker
State of New Jersey/BAC
The Garibaldi Group
Somerset Development
What it Takes to Redevelop/Repurpose Large Format Assets
Colleen Donofrio
Kevin Davis
Kevin Little
Melvin Mitchell
Stephen Mitchell
Babst Calland
Pennoni Associates, Inc
Pennoni Associates, Inc
MI Metals, Inc.
Weston Solutions
What to Consider When Managing Your Industrial Waste Streams
What to Consider When Managing Your Industrial Waste Streams (2nd presentation)
What to Consider When Managing Your Industrial Waste Streams (3rd presentation)

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