Sessions at the 2014 RE3 Conference

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Presentations are listed in alphabetical order by the presenter's last name.

Name Company Presentation
Timothy Chitester
Stephen Koenigsberg
Hill International
Brown and Caldwell
A Multivariate Diagnostic Strategy to Examine Product Performance Claims
Active Vapor Mitigation System Design for a Complex Industrial Building Renovation
Jim Cuthbertson
Antea Group
Advances in Sulfate Enhanced Bioremediation 
Christopher Athmer
Terran Corporation
Application of the Electrokinetic Remediation (Lasagna) under an Active Industrial Facility 
Kevin Davis
Daniel Leandri
Pennoni Associates Inc
Pennoni Associates Inc
Beneficial Reuse of Contaminants from Impacted Mine Sites
Michael Sieczkowski
JRW Bioremediation LLC
Biologically Treating Mining Impacted Water Within the Mine Void 
Coupling Oxidative and Reductive Treatment Technologies for Integrated Site Remediation
Archibald Filshill
Golder Associates, Inc.
Current Trends and Case Studies in Contaminated Sediment Capping
Greg Booth
Emulsified Zero-Valent Iron, A Combination Technology for Source Zone Remediation 
John Sammon
Resource Control Consultants, LLC
Evaluation of Sustained-Release Permanganate Treatment of Residual PCE in Fractured Bedrock
Fracture-Emplacement and 3D Mapping of a Micro-Iron/Carbon Amendment in TCE-Impacted Sedimentary Bedrock
Kristeen Gaffney
George Hartenstein
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Government Assistance for Brownfields/Redevelopment Projects
Thomas Dalfo
Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation
Government Assistance for Brownfields/Redevelopment Projects
High Resolution Characterization using Suface Imaging
Jacqueline Adelfio
In Situ Soil Remediation at a Former MGP Site in New Jersey
Patrick Evans
CDM Smith
In-Situ Chemical Oxidation of Dioxane Using Slow-Release Chemical Oxidant Candles
Fayaz Lakhwala
FMC Environmental Solutions
In-Situ Chemical Reduction of 1,2 DCA in Fractured Bedrock Using EHCA®
Richard Carbonaro
Mutch Associates, LLC
In-Situ CO2 Sparging to Neutralize a Caustic Brine Plume and Reduce Mercury Levels 
Charles Wilk
ALLU Group, Inc.
In-Situ S/S Treatment at AWI Superfund Site Relies on thorough Mixing 
In-Situ Stabilization/Solidification of Arsenic Impacted Soils/Sediments
Jeff Gentry
CH2M Hill
LEAF Method Testing of MGP-impacted sediments from the Gowanus Canal Superfund Site
Management of Aquifer pH with an Alkaline Colloidal Suspension
Managing Contaminated Sites in Property Portfolios
Managing Contaminated Sites in Property Portfolios
Pilot Testing and Full-Scale ISCO Remedy Design for Deep Bedrock
Property Redevelopment Involving the Assessment and Remediation of Hazardous Waste
David Robinson
Synergy Environmental, Inc.
Rapid Treatment of Hydrocarbons Utilizing In-Situ Chemical Oxidation
Reagent Selection and Stabilization of Lead/Arsenic Soils 
Michael Shaw
GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
Remediating MGP Impacted Soil and Sediment Along Tidal River 
Ronald Harwood
Excel Environmental Resources, Inc.
Remediation of Chlorinated Ethenes in Fractured Bedrock: A Redevelopment
Philip Block
FMC Corporation
The Use of Activated Persulfate to Treat Emerging Contaminants and Metals
Use of a Commercially Available Polyethylene bag as a Passive Sampler for Semi-Volatile PAH Analyses
Serpil Guran
Robert Harris
Todd Hranicka
Joe Sullivan
Rutger's EcoComple
weston solutions, inc
Public Service Electric & Gas Company
Energy Policy & Development
Use of Brownfields and Landfills for Energy Projects
Michael Scalzi
Use of In-Situ Geochemical Stabilization Technology for Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (NAPL) Treatment
Robert Stanforth
TRC, Inc.
A Comparison of the Leaching Characteristics of Lime and Sodium Bicarbonate Flue Gas Desulfurization Waste
John J. Morris
Pat Pontoriero
Jon Williams
Woodard & Curran, Inc.
OSC, Inc.
Demo Thru Redevelopment: the Project Team's Assessment of a Successful Project
Matt Winters
Frenkel & Company
In Today's "Environment", Risk Management Knowledge Is Power!
Robert T. Forbes
FMC Corporation
Industrial Brownfield Redevelopment – Analysis, Understanding and Execution
Steve Posten
New Jersey LSRP: Bane or Benefit for Redevelopment?
Ted Toskos
AMEC Environment & Infrastructure
Real-time Site Characterization Methods for Site Closure
Mary Hashem
EnviroFinance Group, LLC
Redeveloping Contaminated Properties: The Good, The Bad, The Brown(fields)
Redevelopment: Closing Deals and Making Killer Profits
The Good, the Bad and the Brown(fields)

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