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Derek Pizarro
Technical Board Member

Mr. Pizarro provides technical and design assistance for clients with remedial environmental sites requiring heavy metals stabilization, and industrial facilities with metals-impacted waste streams. He collaborates with Premier Magnesia product development teams and testing laboratory to advance magnesia and magnesia-based products for environmental and engineering applications.  

His EnviroBlend® portfolio includes domestic and international projects and applications pertaining to chemical stabilization of metals-impacted soil, sediments, waste, and groundwater; mechanical stabilization; neutralization applications; mine tailings/drainage treatment; industrial slag, sludge, baghouse/furnace dust, and ash treatment; plus, collection system enhancement. Additional responsibilities encompass treatability testing, chemical optimization, and remedy implementation.  

Mr. Pizarro received a BS in Geology and Environmental Geosciences from Lafayette College. Before joining Premier Magnesia, he worked in environmental consulting for an ENR Top 100 Environmental Firm in the Environmental Technologies Business Group, specializing in soil remediation, geophysical investigations, groundwater tracer studies, and Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) system design and optimization.  

Mining Remediation Technology Advancements Using Magnesia
New applications and advances in utilization of magnesia-based stabilization and solidification amendments for treating heavy metal impacted soil and groundwater. Permeable reactive barrier (PRB), activated magnesia for concomitant chemical stabilization and pozzolanic sequestration, and custom blends to address STLC leaching criteria for projects in California. Comparison to commodity amendments or former application/treatment techniques will be examined for a number of these examples, demonstrating chemical treatment advances and gains, reduction in remedial site footprint and dosage rates, plus increased sustainability these new approaches afford site owners and project teams. Read More >>

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